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Instructor Terms

Terms and condition

Instructor Terms

1. Agreement with Talent Corners Advisory

By becoming an instructor with Talent Corners Advisory, you agree to these terms, which cover the rules for instructors and are part of our broader terms of use.

2. Instructor Responsibilities

As an instructor, you’re responsible for all content you submit, including presentations, quizzes, resources, and other materials (“Submitted Content”). You must:

  1. Ensure your account information is accurate.
  2. Have the necessary rights and permissions for your Submitted Content.
  3. Ensure your Submitted Content doesn’t violate intellectual property rights or contain offensive, misleading, or inappropriate material.
  4. Have the necessary qualifications to teach your courses.
  5. Deliver content at a standard consistent with industry expectations.
3. Prohibited Conduct

Instructors must not:

  1. Post offensive, false, or misleading content.
  2. Transmit spam or unauthorized advertising.
  3. Engage in business activities unrelated to the platform.
  4. Impersonate others or interfere with other instructors’ work.
  5. Abuse Talent Corners Advisory’s resources or support services.
4. Rights Granted to Talent Corners Advisory

By submitting content, you grant Talent Corners Advisory the right to use, market, and modify your Submitted Content. This includes sublicensing to third parties. You can remove your content, but rights given to students continue after removal.

5. Trust & Safety

Follow Talent Corners Advisory’s safety policies and content quality standards. We may remove content or ban instructors for violating these terms or for other reasons, including low-quality content or conduct that harms the platform’s reputation.

6. Pricing & Promotional Programs

Instructors set a base price for their courses or offer them for free. Talent Corners Advisory manages all transactions and taxes, with pricing subject to conversion rates and platform fees. Instructors may choose to participate in promotional programs, which may affect pricing.

7. Payments & Revenue Share

Your revenue share is a percentage of the net amount after deducting taxes, platform fees, and promotional costs. Payments are made in U.S. dollars within a set timeframe. Refunds to students will be deducted from instructor payments. Talent Corners Advisory reserves the right to withhold payments if fraud or violations occur.

8. Trademarks

Instructors can use Talent Corners Advisory’s trademarks for promotional purposes but must follow guidelines and comply with requests to discontinue use. Unauthorized or misleading use of trademarks is prohibited.

9. Deleting Your Account

You can delete your account, but some data may remain for students who have already enrolled in your courses. Talent Corners Advisory will process any scheduled payments before account deletion.

10. Contact Talent Corners Advisory

For questions or support, reach out to our team for assistance.

This summary covers the key points of being an instructor with Talent Corners Advisory. Ensure you understand and agree to these terms before submitting content to the platform.